Department of Business Design
Showa Women’s University Faculty of Global Business

Why SWU Business Design?

Five Key Knowledge of Business and Three Concentrations
In the Business Design Department, students gain up-to-date business knowledge from five perspectives: Marketing, Management, Accounting and Finance, Economics, and Business standpoints. They also pick up practical business skills through a variety of joint projects with existing companies and institutions. As the first business school in an all-female university, SWU Business Design Department empowers businesswomen to know their rights, potential, and possibilities, and who are full of entrepreneurial spirit and have an innovative mindset.
   In the freshman year, students strengthen the foundation of business study in Japanese. In the sophomore year, they enhance their business knowledge in English during a special program in Boston. After the Boston program, students select one of three concentration tracks; global business, information and communication technology innovation, and business design and marketing.


A Tale of Two Cities: Tokyo and Boston
SWU has an overseas campus in Boston, and all sophomore students majoring in business enroll in the Showa Boston Global Business Program, a special one-semester program specifically designed for our department. In this way, students in the Business Design Department experience university life both in Japan and America.



Project-based Learning to Foster Women’s Leadership
Many courses in this department use project-based methods of learning, which offer the students opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. In the PBL projects, anyone can take a lead on many occasions, including pitch presentations and group work. There appears to be many faculty members who have led a long career in business and government, and they encourage the development of practical business skills among the students, from their business experiences.

Small-sized Class with Significant Student-Instructor Interaction
Another perk you will be surprised to discover in our department is the number of students in each class. SWU is not a large-scale university and there are many small-sized courses with a small number of students. In addition, students communicate not only with classmates but also with senior students through seminars and the teaching assistant system, in this way, they expand their friendship beyond the grade level. Students have diverse ideas and most of them choose a full-fledged comprehensive career track after graduation.

Admission Policy

The Business Design Department seeks people who understand the educational goals and academic requirements of Showa Women’s University, those who aim to become leaders in various business fields, those who find issues on their own and work toward solutions, and those whose career plans are informed by a global perspective and knowledge of the world. Furthermore, we accept people with the capacity and ability to successfully complete the course of study of the department. We therefore recruit applicants through various comprehensive entrance methods.
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