4-Year Program of Study

Why Study in the Department of Business Design?

Be at the forefront of business

Build a solid foundation with introductory business courses and English skills

In the freshman year, hone your business sense with introductory courses relating to business and study English intensively in small classes tailored to your level of proficiency. 

Gain practical English skills through study abroad in Boston

In the first semester of the sophomore year, all students study abroad at the Showa Boston campus. Study specialized subjects in English, building on the base developed through introductory business courses at freshman level. Foster a global perspective by coming into contact with various people, lifestyles, cultures, and histories through field trips and volunteer activities. Options are also available to enter the Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), double degree program or the “3+1” program enabling students to graduate from SWU in three years and advance to TUJ’s Master in Management program. 

Three concentrated tracks develop talent for the cutting edge of business

From the junior year, choose subjects and seminars from one of the three concentrated tracks: Management and Economics, Global business and Sustainability, and Marketing and Innovation. As well as providing in-depth specialized knowledge, these tracks develop practical skills. Also available is a “free-choice” option enabling to study across all three tracks. Rather than attending seminars, students who select this option can take on the challenges of projects and long-term internships. 

The Global business and Sustainability track fosters language skills, broad perspectives, empathy, and leadership essential for international business. Rise to the challenges of studies at TUJ and accredited study abroad to learn about business in multicultural environments. 

In the Management and Economics track, students analyze complex management and economic phenomena, and refine their thinking to identify issues and solutions. Learn problem-solving methods through projects and debates. 

The Marketing and Innovation track nurtures knowledge and mindsets that enable students to design and develop customer-oriented business. Use IT to foster creativity needed for business innovation. 

Open up the future with cross-track studies

The free-choice option enables students to select the subjects they want to study from any track, without attending project seminars. Note that Modern Business Enterprise I/II is a compulsory subject in the senior year, and teaches practical skills useful in employment, including advanced innovation management and new product development methods. Get employment information and advice from class advisors in monthly home room sessions. 

Group study in PBL sessions with junior-year teaching assistants

Intensive group work through project-based learning (PBL) retreats in the freshman year develops students’ debating and problem-solving skills. PBL sessions are led by junior-year teaching assistants.

※There’s a possibility of change in plan due to covid-19.