Letters from Boston 2023+, #9 A day of SFC


昭和ボストンで、BAP(Boston Academic Program)に参加しているビジネスデザイン学科2年の中津川千聖です。本日はSFCの日の1日についてご紹介いたします。(SFCについてはこちらの記事でも説明しています。ご覧ください)

Hi! I’m Chisato Nakatsugawa, from the department of Business Design. I am a sophomore, and I participate in BAP. I will talk a day schedule of Showa Friendship Circle (SFC).

Our partners live in Scituate which is located in South Boston. It takes about 1 hour to get there by car from Showa Boston. Scituate is close to the sea, and we walk on the beach every time. In this picture, the sky and the sea are same color, and the horizon was blurred. I felt curious.
This is apple cider. Apple cider is one of the popular things in Massachusetts state. We can drink it in fall and winter, so if you participate in BAP, you can drink it too!!
And we went to the restaurant for lunch. I and my friend ate breakfast at Showa Boston, so we ordered hamburger and shared it. The restaurant’s atmosphere was different from Boston. I felt more calm and not busy. Similarly, I believe that price is cheaper than downtown Boston.
Finally, we made American traditional cookies. I made Raisin oatmeal cookies that day. I made Peanuts butter cookies and chocolate chip and nut cookies before. It was a good experience to learn how to make traditional food!
I’m always looking forward to meeting my partners. And I appreciate them because I have wonderful experiences every time. We only have a few times to meet them, so I spend more fun time with them.
I’m glad you understand SFC program!
Have a good day!