Letters from Boston 2023+, #5 October is coming!


昭和ボストンで、BAP(Boston Academic Program)に参加しているビジネスデザイン学科2年の中津川千聖です。

Hi! I’m Chisato Nakatsugawa, from the department of Business Design. I am a sophomore, and I participate in BAP.


The temperature is gradually decreasing in Boston, and I feel winter is coming. Also, neighbors’ houses are decorated for Halloween. I will be going to go to Halloween events in October.

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Today I will talk about New England Studies. This class is a specialize class in 2023 fall semester, and we go field trip once two weeks. We can go to important places for American history such as Boston Tea party museum and Concord. Last week, I went to Charles River Museum of industry and innovation. I learned American industry’s developing and working style of women there. We can see and touch history, so this is one of my favorite classes.

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Also, I will talk about the concert at Showa Boston. These are events are required in Boston. We also have concerts and guest speaker at Setagaya campus. We had a concert presented by Tufts university’s a cappella team called Tufts Amalgamates on Oct 6. We don’t have many opportunities to meet same age people, so it was good time for us.

Tufts Amalgamates Instagram: tuftsamalgamates


We have the College Connection Program (CCP) that we can meet students who go to university in Boston in fall semester. I will talk about this in the future.

Have a good day!!