Letters from Boston 2023+, #1 Greeting and Program details


昭和ボストンで、BAP(Boston Academic Program)に参加しているビジネスデザイン学科2年の中津川千聖です。これから、みなさんにボストン、プログラムの様子、留学生活についてお伝えしたいと思います。

Hi! I’m Chisato Nakatsugawa, the department of Business design, a sophomore. I participate BAP. I would like to share my life in Boston and my experience in BAP though this blog.


BAP is the program that you can study English skills, American culture, and history fall semester at Showa Boston after completing Showa Boston Program in spring semester. You can take business classes if you want. To join BAP, you need to pass the selection process. During the BAP, you can experience many events such as Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.


How was your summer? After the spring semester, we had a month summer vacation. I went back to Japan and could meet my family. And it has been about a week since I come back in Boston again. Boston in September is still hot, around 86°F. In January, Boston gets snowy, so I’m super excited.


Before the semester starts this week, I went to the park last week. The air was so clear, and I felt fall. I heard that Boston’s’ fall was beautiful, so I will introduce about that in the future post.


I spend all the time with the students who are in Department of English Language and Communication and Department of International Studies. They are my new friends and I’m spending good days with them.


I am a little sad to leave the friends I have studied with in the spring semester, but I will do my best. And I would like to update the blog to share appeal of this program! Have a good day!