Letters from Boston 2023, #16 The last weekend in Boston

Hello! This is Ayaka. In Boston, it became hotter than when we came here. The weather in Boston is similar to that in Japan. We can see a beautiful sunny day every day!

Almost 1 week left to go back to Japan. Last weekend when I was in Boston, I met with SFC. SFC means the Showa Friendship Circle.  Students match pairs or triads of Showa students with community volunteers (Circle Volunteers) for intercultural exchange, conversational exchange, and recreational activities. (Showa Boston Institute Website)

We went to the secret beach (Sandy Point State Reservation) in Ipswich. The sightseeing was so beautiful and it was a hot day.

 On the beach, my friend and I gave a gift to SFC. She seemed to be happy!

Near there, there is also Castle Hill in Crene State. This place was like a museum, so we enjoyed this place and also we felt how heavy the history.

And also, there is a Rose garden in the field. 

By meeting an SFC volunteer, I could go to places in Boston that I couldn’t go on my own, and I could have experienced a variety of things, such as visiting her workplace and baking. Furthermore, by speaking in English all the time, my speaking ability has improved, and I could speak more and more fluently!

We are currently doing assignments for the Final, so I hope you guys are looking forward to our return!

Thank you for your attention.