Letters from Boston 2023, #7 「天使にラブソングを♡ “Sister Act”」

Hello! This is Ayaka!

Last week, I watched the musical with my friend so I will report to you readers!♪

It takes about 30min to get to the theatre from Showa Boston.

It’s near Copley Station. There is an old-fashioned library in Copley. It is called the ‘Boston Public Library’. Actually, I’ve never been there but Interior is so nice and antique!

This is Lyric Stage Theater! At a glance, it is not good but inside is so beautiful. I took a photo of the poster!

I watched Sister Act in this theater. (In Japan, it’s called 天使にラブソングを) I heard this movie’s name but I’ve never watched it so I was so excited. All the voices of the actors were so beautiful and strong. And also there are a lot of funny scenes. In the last scene, many audiences were crying. I was also impressed.

If you think that you are not good at English, I think you can watch the musical seriously. It is because if you can understand the lyrics of the songs in the musical, you can know the emotions of the characters. And also, you feel interested if you watch the gestures or movements of the actors!

The difference in culture between America and Japan is fashion. Many students of Showa Boston wore formal fashion but there was no dress code in this theater. So local people wore rough styles like denim.  lol

I recommend watching English musicals in America to learn American culture and English!

Thank you!