Letters from Boston 2023, #4 Field trip in the class

Hello everyone! I’m Ayaka. Today, I’m gonna tell you about my feeling that I already experienced studying abroad for 1 month 🙂

First, we took the Jump Start Program (JS) for 3 weeks. Originally, we’re going to take the classes which are related to Business and English, but we only took English classes for 3 weeks. There are 3 classes that we have to take, Reading,Grammar and Writing, and Speaking and Listening. It was so hard but I could feel my English skills. So, these 3 weeks were such a great time for me to study Business class!!

Not only studying English, I went to many places which were so exciting!

I went to 2 museums in Class. MFA and ICA. They have different art world in each. For example you can see a lot of famous painting such as Monet in MFA. 

And now, it is held Art in Bloom in MFA so you can see also many flower arrangements in there!

Next ICA is so strange 🙂 There are many statues which I can’t explain… 

The most interesting place for me was the place that you can see the video listening to strange music. Maybe this music was composed by using the voice of woman. And the video was just An elderly woman is reading book. It was so strange and scared but I was attracted to it…!

I will show you the next article in Japanese! Thank you!