Letters from boston 4 ボストンの街

Dear readers,

Hello readers! I’m a Boston reporter, Kiwa Tomonari. Today, I’m going to talk about the City of Boston, so come and hang out with me!


1 Park Street / パークストリート

Park Street is the first station we get off during the City Tour held by Showa Boston. All students of the Business Design Department go to Park Street station by train. Then, we have free time.

In Boston, there are many stone buildings and you can see a lot of greenery. In addition, American animals are different from Japanese. In Japan, you often see pigeons, right? In Boston, you can see as many squirrels as pigeons.



2 Boston Public Library / ボストン公共図書館

Do you like Harry Potter? You can be in Harry Potter’s world at the Boston Public Library in Copley. If you are into this large stone building, you will be surrounded by beautiful murals. You can see the space to study after going up the stairs.


Boston Public Library / ボストン公共図書館

Boston Public Library / ボストン公共図書館

Were you impressed by the picture? I decided to study there the moment I entered the space!! All the rooms are so fabulous but I’m not able to show everything because the Boston Public Library is really large. Let’s look it up on the Internet!

感動しませんか?私は、この部屋に入った時、必ずこの場所で勉強すると決めました!!とても広い建物なので紹介しきれませんが、どの部屋に入っても美しかったです。ぜひBoston Public Libraryを調べてみてください!

3 Maruiti / マルイチ

Japanese students have missed Japanese foods while living in America. However, you should go to Maruiti. There are a lot of Japanese items such as foods, stationeries, daily necessities and so on. When I asked a store clerk “Excuse me?”, the answer was “Konnitiwa!” (Japanese greeting phrase)You can shop easily even if you are not good at English because there are some Japanese clerks.

アメリカ生活で、日本の食べ物が恋しくなってきました。そんな時に、行くべきお店は、マルイチです。マルイチには、日用品から食品、文房具など、あらゆる日本製品が売っています。「Excuse me?」と店員さんに声をかけると、返事は「はい!」と日本語で帰ってきました。何人か日本人の店員さんもいらっしゃるので、英語が苦手な人でも安心して買い物ができます。

Finally / 終わりに

How is Boston? There are a few people who are worried about studying abroad in Boston. Actually, I was really nervous before I came to Boston. But, don’t worry. Boston is the place where there are many universities, so many Bostonians are used to talking to students from abroad and are really really sweet.


If you are interested in Boston, I’m happy.


Thank you very much for reading the entire blog.


From, Kiwa