Letters from Boston 6 ボストンのスポーツ

Dear Readers,

Hi! I’m a Boston reporter, Kiwa Tomonari. I’m studying abroad in Boston.


 Boston is famous for some sports, and many Showa students go to these games. Today, I will share about Boston’s sports!


Basketball /バスケットボール

Boston’s basketball team is the Celtics. The games are often held in TD Garden and the games are always heating up. I went to a great game on April 17. In the game, the difference of points between the Celtics and the Nets was one. Just before the buzzer had sounded, a player of Celtics made a shoot, and they won. Everyone in the audience was so excited!!


TD Garden

Baseball / 野球

Boston’s baseball team is red sox. The games are often held in Fenway Park. In May, the Red Sox played against the Angels. Shohei Ohotani is one of the members of Angels, so many Japanese came to Fenway Park. And the Red Sox also have a Japanese member, Hirokazu Sawamura. On May 3, Ohotani played as a catcher and the batter was Sawamura. The Red Sox lost, but everyone was excited about the game. May 5th was a historical day. Ohotani played as a catcher and a batter. He is famous for Nitouryuu, and not only Japanese, but many Americans also cheered for him. 


Fenway Park
Shohei Otani

Did you know these teams? American sports games have a different appeal than Japanese. 

Try going there when you come to Boston!  


Thank you very much for reading the entire blog.


From Kiwa