Letters from Boston 2023+, #10 University sport


昭和ボストンで、BAP(Boston Academic Program)に参加しているビジネスデザイン学科2年の中津川千聖です。本日はBAPの醍醐味とも言えるカレッジスポーツについてご紹介いたします。

Hi! I’m Chisato Nakatsugawa, from the department of Business Design. I am a sophomore, and I participate in BAP. I will talk about college sports that is the one of big characteristic BAP.

A hockey arena with a flag from the ceiling

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This photo is Boston college ice hockey game. BC ice hockey club is famous worldwide. This game was for the first time. The arena facilities, audio, and entertaining were like a professional game. I was impressed by many BC students came to the game and were cheering. I never seen same things in Japan.


This is Boston college American foot ball game. This game was held on weekend, so there were many people such as students and neighbors. I watched marching band show and cheerleading. I could experience American college culture.

A basketball game in a gymnasium

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Finally, I will talk about Harvard university basketball game. The opponent was University of Massachusetts Boston, so it was super exciting. As you know, the seats were close to the court. It was very impressive.



What sports would you like to watch? I was inspired by the success of students of same generation. I think that depending on the university, you can experience each university culture in the U.S!



I will talk about Thanksgiving next time!

Have a good day.