Letters from Boston 2023+, #3 Daily Life in Boston


昭和ボストンで、BAP(Boston Academic Program)に参加しているビジネスデザイン学科2年の中津川千聖です。

Hi! I’m Chisato Nakatsugawa, from the department of Business Design. I am a sophomore, and I participate in BAP.

本日は、Teaching Japaneseの授業を紹介します。2023後期現在、この授業は一般教養科目になります。こちらの写真は、授業の中で近くにある高校に見学に行った様子です。日本語を楽しく勉強している姿が印象的でした。私が見学したクラスは、あ行からな行のひらがなと発音を勉強していました。

Today I will introduce Teaching Japanese class. It is a general academic subject in 2023 fall. This picture shows that we went to the high school to see a Japanese class. I was impressed by the students studying and enjoying themselves. The students studied Hiragana and pronunciation of A line to Na line. 


In the class, I talked with students in Japanese and English. They asked me many questions about Japan, so I was surprised and had a good time. Last semester, I didn’t have an opportunity to go to American school, so it was a good experience for me.


Club also started this week. I joined walking club again. In this club, we walked with the teacher’s dogs once a week. But also, we have field trip on weekend in fall semester. I have a dog, so it is my best relaxing time in my daily life.


Actually, I belong to two clubs in fall.

So, I will introduce it soon!

Have a good day!