【BAA-SWU Joint Summer Program 2023】8月1日プログラムスタート!

Hello readers! I am Kiwa Tomonari! 

On August 1st, we started a program with the students of Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark! 14 students from Denmark and 17 students from Showa Women’s University are participating in this program, and our goal is to make a presentation in each group. We learn about ESG and SDGs from various aspects and in English through school lessons and company visits!



On August 1, the first day of the program, we deepened exchanges with Danish students! We were a little nervous with each other at first, but we got to know each other well by introducing ourselves and having a meal together! After that, we had a class on ESG. It was very interesting to see ESG from both Japanese and Danish perspectives.


Learning with Danish students is a great opportunity for me to learn about things that I would not have noticed in my regular classes! I am very much looking forward to future activities such as company visits!


ビジネスデザイン学科3年 友成希和

I will share the impression of my team member, Rio Naraoka!


Rio Naraoka (Department of International studies)

Hello, everyone! My name is Rio Naraoka. I’m in the international studies department. I am joining this program because I want to improve my English skills. I also want to make friends from different departments, grades, and foreigners. 

皆さんこんにちは! 国際学科の奈良岡理桜です。 私は、英語力をさらに向上させるために、このプログラムに参加しました。また、プログラムを通して、他学科や他学年、外国の友達を作れたら良いと思っています。

 I’m not good at introducing myself, so I was very nervous. I couldn’t think of any topic. I want to be able to talk more friendly even if English. Whatever, it was fun to know about each other! 

私は自己紹介が苦手なため、とても緊張し、話題が何も思いつかなかったです。 英語だとしても、もっと気さくにお話できるようになりたいと思いました。 何にせよ、お互いのことを知るのは楽しかったです! 

The lecture in the afternoon was super tricky for me. It’s my first time learning about business, so I have much more to work on. Today, my group member helped me well. I will do my best to contribute to my group. 

午後の講義はとても難しかったです。ビジネスについて学ぶのは、この夏が初めてのため、 覚えることがたくさんあると実感しました。今日はグループのメンバーにたくさん助けて もらったため、私もグループに貢献できるように全力を尽くしていきたいと思います。

 国際学科2年 奈良岡理桜