Letters from Boston 2023, #12 ホテル経営の講義






-The view from the rooms was great and the sports bar was the most interesting.

-I learned about hotel marketing segments and the need for change by visiting the different style rooms. 

-I was so excited to do this through the Leadership Club, and it was my first time to visit a foreign hotel. I learned a lot.  

-This was such a valuable experience. 

-I want to speak to the Director of Human Resources again, and ask her how to choose an interesting career area within the hotel. 

-It was very attractive that I didn’t have to go outside, because the facilities were complete. 

-I love visiting hotels all over the world so this experience was so good for me. 

-It was so exciting and I became interested in working at a hotel. I also liked learning about the hotel services and how the guests were made to feel comfortable.