Letters from Boston 9:独立記念日 / Independence Day

Dear Readers,

Hello! I’m your Boston reporter, Kiwa Tomonari.  Today, I’m going to write about Independence Day on July 4th!


In 1776, the US issued the Declaration of Independence. Whole the US celebrates this day as Independence Day on July 4th every year. Some products are sold only during that day and there are some people who wear American flag’s costume. Fairworks is the biggest event of the day, and a lot of people gather around Charles River to see the display of the magnificent fireworks. I went to Charles River and there are a lot of people from abroad there. I felt everyone could become American on that day.


花火 / Fair works

If you come to Boston in summer, enjoy Independence Day by going to Charlies River and watching the fireworks!


Thank you for entire reading.


From Kiwa