【BAA-SWU Joint Program】金融ビジネスとダイバーシティ、デンマークの女性ビジネスリーダーによる特別講演



Groupthink–a Key for Gender Diversity in Banking

August 8, 2019

Nami Sasai

In BAA program, Danish and Japanese students took the class of three different instructors in August 7.

First instructor was Professor Peter Schneider who is a senior lecture of Business Academy Aarhus, School of Applied Sciences. He lectured about groupthink. Groupthink can share values and make many strategies, so it can lead people to the correct decision. For example, gender gap index in demark is 14th out of 144 countries. Many Danish women can work at the office as leaders because groupthink is adopted in the company. On the other hand, gender gap index in Japan is 114th. Some Danish students was shocked about this Japanese situation.

In UK, lessons from the global financial crisis promoted banks to hire more women.

Second lecture was Mr. Yukinobu Ota, research fellow of Institute of Current Business Studies, Showa women’s university. This lecture was about global financial crisis and gender diversity in banking sector. Global financial crisis happened in 2007 to 2008 and it effected not only banks but also countries and governments. Preventing this situation again, UK adopted hiring more women and deploy the groupthink. The failure of UK financial industry changed banking sector in the good way by the UK parliament. According to the Women in Finance Charter: 2019 Progress Report, hiring more women as department leader is starting in the UK bank. However, it’s still taking more time to hire more women as director or manager.

Special talk by Stine Boss, Chair of the Board of BankNordik.

Final lecture was Ms. Stine Boss, president of the European Movement in Denmark and chair of the Board of BankNordik. This session was through Skype and we discussed about the working situation and career of women. She pointed out how important groupthink is at the office. Diversity at the office would creates various ideas and tend to avoid failures. So, companies and women should change themselves. Companies should make systems for women to be able to work comfortably at the office. To get successful for women of career, she said women also shall be more open to anything.

Thanks to three different instructors, we could understand how important the group diversity is.