Letters from Boston 2

Dear readers,

Hi!I’m a Boston reporter, Kiwa Tomonari.

Students of Business Design department arrived in Boston on March 28th. We can’t go out of Showa Boston during the first week. However, we have spent really enjoying time and I would like to share about Showa Boston’s charm.



Showa Boston / 昭和ボストン
  1. Diet / 食事

Showa Boston dining is buffet style. There is a lot of American food such as pizza, sausage, hamburger and so on, but we can eat Japanese food like miso soup and rice every day. (But the taste is like American!! lol) The space where we have meals is really large and it can be roughly divided into 3 areas. First, it is general cafeteria. There are sofas, tables and counter seats like family restaurants. Second, there is stage seats. You can eat while overlooking the cafeteria. Lastly, there is a sun room. The room gets a lot of sunlight, just like the name. It is an open space and my favorite.


 Sun room / サンルーム
  1. Rainbow Hall / レインボーホール

As the name suggests, Rainbow Hall is very beautiful space where the rainbow light shines through. There is rainbow stained glass and if the sun shines, the hall will be gorgeous. We attended the Opening Ceremony in the hall. The teachers introduced themselves and confirmed the purpose of this studying abroad in the Opening Ceremony.


Rainbow Hall / レインボーホール

3.Out of the school building / 校舎の外

The site area of Showa Boston is about 166,000 square meters. (It’s as big as 3.5 Tokyo domes!!) There are not only Showa Boston but the international school called British school. Furthermore, there are large tennis, basketball courts and a soccer field, so we can enjoy some sports in the vast site.


Tennis・basketball courts and succor field/ テニス、バスケ、サッカーコート

The view from the hill is really nice and we can see the skyline of Boston because there are no high buildings near Showa. Some students enjoy running and some sports. When you take a walk, you can meet wild animals like turkeys, squirrels, rabbits and so on.

Turkey / 七面鳥

Finally / 終わりに

A lot of students who live in Showa Boston said “It’s a great thing that I got into this university.” Showa Boston has many other attractions. I’ll post about my life in Boston many times. Please check my posts!!


Thank you very much for reading the entire blog.


From Kiwa