【BAA-SWU Joint Program】旭化成株式会社、訪問記


Visit to Asahi Kasei Corporation

July 31, 2019
Rino Tanaka

We visited Asahi Kasei head office and received an explanation of the company profile, business contents, relations with Europe, and the plan for future developments. After that we joined an in-house tour.

At first, we were guided to a conference room and watched a video of company introduction by the staff. There was a presentation about how Asahi Kasei products help our lives, their historical connections with Europe. Asahi Kasei has three business pillars of materials, housing, and healthcare. In the materials area, they develop clothing fibers and high value-added materials that are environment-friendly. In the residential area, their housing products are popular as Hebel House. Asahi Kasei also deals in pharmaceuticals and other products by making use of their chemical technology.

I was impressed with the fact that Asahi Kasei’s rubber is used by Mercedes-Benz and BMW and that Asahi Kasei has even created an electric car called AKXY whose accuracy is high enough to be able to run on public roads.

Visitors can try moving the accessories on the technology board.

Globalized Experience for Employees
A staff explained the students how the Asahi Kasei employees work in Japan and overseas. In fact, they are able to gain skills in Japan and work for several years in the overseas branch offices. I felt this is very attractive working environment because someday I would like to become a globally active person. Danish students asked some questions about how the foreign employees work at Asahi Kasei.

Students enjoyed a grand view of Tokyo from the cafeteria.

At the end of the company tour, we visited the display area where people can understand the company activities at a glance and the cafeteria. I enjoyed the whole tour very much and could feel the atmosphere of the company at hand.