Business in English Session-ハイレベルな英語によるビジネス講義の試み

本日は「Business in English Session-ハイレベルな英語によるビジネス講義の試み」のご報告です。


ビジネスデザイン学科2年、3年と英語コミュニケーション学科3年を対象に募集したところ、集まったのは次の5人。TEE XIN YEEさん(ビジネス2年)、原菜摘さん(同)、市川実咲さん(英コミ3年)、池田悠佳さん(同)、齋藤麗さん(同)。ごく少人数による計5回の講義です。


第1回 International business and hunt for lower labor costs
第2回 Corporate wrong doing and governance
第3回 Effective presentation skills and IT marketing
第4回 Scandal at Wells Fargo Bank
第5回 Karoshi in Japan: Work-life balance and corporate responsibilities

Which factors have affected these manufacturers’ decision to build factories in Ethiopia?

Based on Appendix 1, there are big difference in hourly wages country by country. Why? What is the implication from such big difference; opportunities or risks?

Some people criticizes employing workers at very low wages in such countries as Ethiopia. Why? What are the problems? What can be done to lessen problems?

China is known to have a large manufacturing capacity (“factory of the world”), attracting factories from all over the world. Based on Appendix 1, 2 and 3, please provide your observation on China’s industrial strategy. What does China want to achieve by building railroads overseas? Why does China help Ethiopia?

“I had a so valuable time. Next time, I will try to search more deeply because my study before the discussion was not enough.”

“I was a little bit nervous in the first class, but I could learn a lot. It was interesting that other students had different views or opinions. I’m looking forward to the next class. ”

“I felt that this course is a challenge for me because I have just few knowledge of business now, compared to other members. However, it would be a great opportunity at the same time to think about how business is going better or worse and to prepare for my job hunting.”

“Joining Business in English session is a special plan for Saturday. Before we even meet each other in the class, we had some reading assignment from the lecturer already. That is what really makes me get excited. One of the best things of this section is we get to meet people from different department, which I think we rarely do. In addition, there are only 5 of us in the class, so we get to listen closely to each other.
Not only the group is great, I’m highly interested in all the topics that we have discussed and will be discussing in the rest of the section. As a business students, I think this is a great opportunities for me to learn more about the world.
Today is our first day and it reminds me of the days in Boston.”

“I’m in the second grade of business department. I learned a lot in this class. Topics are very interesting for me and it is really good opportunity to think about them deeply. In addition, small group class is easier to speak up and I can know others opinion better. From next class, I want to participate in class discussion more.”